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The reason that causes the expansion of the left ventricle of the heart is the narrowing of the aortic valve that connects it to the aorta. The left ventricle performs the main pumping function, pumping blood to all organs of the human body. Therefore, even minor changes in the aortic valve will lead to a strong stretching of the ventricle. Also, the cavity of this chamber can change greatly due to arterial hypertension, coronary heart disease and myocarditis. Dilatation of the right atrium.

The right atrium carries venous blood with carbon dioxide coming from organs and tissues. It is a link in the pulmonary circulation, and the causes that provoke the development of dilatation of the right atrium are lung diseases. Congenital and acquired valve defects also play an important role in the occurrence of pathology. Dilatation of the right ventricle.

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The main reason due to which the expansion of cheap generic protonix ventricle occurs is pulmonary hypertension, which is formed with an excessive load on the pulmonary circulation. Valvular changes due to bacterial infection (infective endocarditis) or fungal infection, as well as rheumatic heart disease, cause significant right ventricular dilatation. Diagnosis of cardiac dilatation.

Minor enlargements of the cavities of the heart do not lead to the appearance of characteristic complaints of the patient. Therefore, often the initial changes are an accidental finding at routine preventive examinations. The main diagnostic method is an ultrasound examination of the heart. It allows you to evaluate the work of the body in full. dimensions of chambers, condition of vessels, valves. Electrocardiography is used to exclude concomitant pathology of the cardiovascular system, the type of rhythm and conduction disturbance.

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With the help of X-ray of the organs of the chest cavity, it is possible to buy pantoprazole online the size of the heart and its chambers, to identify the presence of signs of pulmonary hypertension. Stress tests provide valuable information about the functionality of the cardiovascular system. Coronary angiography is prescribed to determine the tactics of surgical treatment. Therapeutic measures with an increase in the chambers of the heart.

Treatment of dilatation of the left heart. The main tactic in the expansion of the left parts of the heart is the therapeutic correction of pantoprazole pills that led to dilatation (CHD, myocarditis, malformations, arrhythmia). Moderate dilatation is the reason for the appointment of metabolic drugs, the action of which is aimed at improving metabolic processes in the cells of the body. Treatment of dilatation of the right heart.

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